Our Animals

We rescue animals from the abuse and torture of animal agriculture, so that they can live out a life of love, dignity, respect and comfort. Here are a few of their stories.


Mama Gesa + Baby Tuva

Gesa was rescued from the dairy industry. As most people don’t know, cows produce milk in the same way that humans do – solely when they’ve been pregnant and have just had a baby. Instead of giving their milk to their newborn babies, the babies are ripped from their mothers (oftentimes killed immediately) and the milk is sold for human consumption. Gesa had four babies stolen from her and killed. When we rescued her, she was pregnant with Tuva, who was born on a sunny August day in our pasture. Gesa has been able to finally raise her baby in peace.


Frieda + Alfie

Frieda (pictured) and Alfie were our first two goats. An activist stopped by an animal auction to see what it was like. She saw a sweet family of a mom (Frieda), dad and baby goat (Alfie) on the blocks – the dad was just auctioned and the terrified mom and baby were next. Looking around her, she saw that it was halal butchers buying the goats, which destined them for slaughter. She jumped in and bought them and brought them to Elf Sanctuary. Frieda was a “spent” milk goat, and Alfie was male and had no value. It is quite possible she had twins/triplets and the girls were left behind. Alfie was only about 6-8 weeks old. We normally don’t buy from auctions because it is endless, but the activists acted on instinct and was in tears, and we’re so glad she did. We soon found out that Frieda was pregnant! She gave birth to 3 goats a few months later, and they all live as a family at Elf Sanctuary.


Fred + Frank

Fred and Frank were “bummer lambs”. They were thrown onto a dead pile because they weren’t worth the farmers time. An activist who lives in sheep country in Oregon routinely checks these piles for survivors and pulled these beautiful sheep out. They were days old when they arrived at Elf Sanctuary.



Socrates was rescued from a man selling him by the side of the road – he was destined for slaughter and someone’s plate. He had the worst case of legs mites we had ever seen – it almost crippled him. We are still fighting to improve his condition months later, and are providing him with the best life and care that he can get.

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